Tamastheertha or Ladghar where Sagar Saad Resort is located

is the most scenic locales in Dapoli and undoubtedly the best place to enjoy the view of the sun going down the horizon. To the south of Ladghar is Burundi and with twinkling lights in the dinghies of the fishermen the harbour makes a pretty sight during evenings.

Hotels in Dapoli

'Datta Mandir'

'Datta Mandir' - the temple dedicated to the village diety is located at the northern end of Ladghar beach atop a small hillock. The area around the temple also offer magnificesnt birds eye view of the beach and the lush green surroundings.


To the north of Ladghar across a few rocky patches is Karde which extends onto Murud beach. There also is a dirt track and now a proper asphalt road which connects Ladghar to Karde (under construction) which can be used all through the year.


Dapoli is famous for some of the very rare temples one can find in Maharashtra. Anjarle is famous for the Kadyavarcha Ganesh temple upon a cliff. Bhargavram temple in Ade is one of the two temples dedicated to Parashuram in the entire Konkan.

Sea Forts

The sea forts in Dapoli is yet another interesting sightseeing option while staying at Sagar Saad. Suvarnadurg is the most popular amongst the sea forts and boats to visit the fort can be hired from Harnai. Kanakdurg is also worth a visit.

Prime Attractions


The ladghar beach located right at the door step of Saagar Saad is the primary attraction of the resort.

Water Sports

All the major water rides available in Konkan are organized almost right in front of this hotel in Ladghar.


Parasailing is organized at Ladghar where parasailing is done behind the jeep which is very popular.

Dolphin ride

Dolphin watch boat rides is also organized at Ladghar beach especially during early mornings